Recipe: Thai Green Curry Chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai Green Curry Chicken


If you ask about the difference between green curry and red curry and yellow curry, then I think green curry has a plant fragrance, and then with chili, spicy, thick soup, special dinner!



  1. Heat the oil in a pot, add the green curry sauce, stir fry and add the chicken to stir fry (first stir the curry, then put the chicken, it is more delicious than the chicken and the curry)

  2. When the fried super is not cooked, add coconut milk, no ingredients

  3. After boiling the coconut milk, add chili, straw mushroom, short melon, lemongrass, basil leaves, and simmer for 10 minutes until the soup is a bit thick.

  4. Began to eat!


1. Coconut milk is more fragrant than coconut milk. If it is too small, you can add some water. 2, suggest, if you are buying coconut milk powder, remember to pay attention to the inside do not contain sugar, otherwise very strange taste 3, fresh basil is of course better than dry basil, but it is hard to buy, when using dry basil, when sprinkling, the side will be more fragrant. 4, first stir the curry, then put the chicken, more delicious than the first fried chicken and then put the curry 5, no lemongrass, no short melon, what to do? Nothing, just as delicious ~ find other alternatives on the line ~ cooking ~ map is the kind of delicious ~

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