Recipe: Thai curry shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai curry shrimp


Many people love curry dishes, me too; curries have a variety of variations and special flavors, while curry with coconut sauce is a speciality of Thai curry, coconut milk can make curry lower the spicy and enhance the fragrance.



  1. Shrimp are cleaned, washed and drained; the pan is fried until it becomes red and shaped.

  2. Control the oil of the fried shrimp, put a small piece of butter, pour the onion chopped into small pieces, stir fry, add a small bowl of water to boil;

  3. Add the curry sauce/block and the coconut milk until it is melted. Pour the shrimp and stir fry until evenly wrapped in curry sauce.


Curry sauce is very suitable for bibimbap. If you need to widen the soup, you can increase the amount of water, curry and coconut milk. The fried onion with butter will have a strong aroma, but you don't have to deliberately eat it. It will make the flavor of curry dishes more prominent. If not, you can add milk or light milk.

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