Recipe: Thai curry shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai curry shrimp



  1. Prepare the ingredients, remove the shrimp line, wash and serve; the onion is cut into small pieces and some of them are cut into pieces.

  2. After the pan is hot, pour the appropriate amount of cooking oil, put the onion in the pan and stir fry

  3. Pour the dried shrimp into a pot and stir fry over high heat.

  4. After the surface of the shrimp is completely discolored, add two tablespoons of curry powder.

  5. Pour the prepared coconut milk

  6. Stir fry over the fire, let the curry and coconut milk blend completely

  7. According to the taste, add the appropriate amount of curry powder, add a little salt and sugar to stir fry. After the pot is opened, turn to low heat and simmer for 3-5 minutes to let the shrimp taste.

  8. Add onion pieces and stir well

  9. After the onion is slightly soft, pour a little lemon juice to taste, turn off the fire and cook.

  10. Shengpan, slightly decorated

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