Recipe: Thai Curry Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai Curry Rice


Thai curry, how can there be no coconut milk?



  1. I bought canned Thai red curry and non-sweet coconut milk.

  2. Pour coconut milk in the pan and add curry, or vice versa.

  3. Add the sliced ​​mushrooms until the mushrooms are cooked.

  4. Throwing the shrimp, it is best to have returned to normal temperature, so it is not easy to overcook.

  5. After a short while, put the colored peppers in the shreds.

  6. Put Basil. Turn off the fire.

  7. Pour the curry onto the rice. Prepare the Jianweixiaoshi tablets.


Shrimp should not be overcooked, and the shrimp at room temperature will soon be cooked. If you don't worry, you can squat for a while after turning off the fire. Anyway, you have to eat at this time... Don't put too much red curry, a small spoon is good, very spicy...

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