Recipe: Thai Curry Crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai Curry Crab



  1. Lemongrass shot loose, cut oblique section

  2. Onion shred

  3. The crab is washed and divided into 2 parts. The crab shell can be used or not. The small cockroach sees a little cream inside, so it stays.

  4. The cut portion of the crab is stained with raw flour.

  5. Put it in the oil pan and fry until it changes color

  6. Fried crab

  7. Garlic and ginger flakes under hot oil pan

  8. Lower the onion

  9. Citronella

  10. Under the curry sauce and a small amount of broth (or water)

  11. Wait until the curry sauce is all in the soup and pour in a half bottle of coconut milk.

  12. Pour the fried crab

  13. Then pour a little fish sauce and boil it.


There is such a legend about Thai curry crab on the Internet: Curry fried crab is a famous dish in Thailand. In the past, Thai people only used celery, onions and onions to make crabs. It was a bit like Chinese-style ginger and onion fried crab. It is said that a Thai chef was secretly drunk when he was working, and mistakenly put curry powder into the crab as a pepper. The waiter hurriedly handed the dish to the diners. The diners felt that the taste was very special. A few days later, the diners once again patronized and asked to enjoy the dish again. The chef had to make a mistake. In the fried crab, he continued to add curry powder and cooked it for the diners. The Thai curry crab was spread!

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