Recipe: Thai crispy tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai crispy tofu


This dish looks rosy and bright. It tastes crispy and crispy inside. It is soft and soft, and the taste of sweet and spicy sauce is so sweet and sour. It is really delicious. Even the son who does not eat chili has eaten a lot. Very suitable for the elderly and children. This dish is also very suitable for the festive table, red and bright, very festive.



  1. The jade tofu is cut from the ends and squeezed out of the bag.

  2. Cut each jade bean curd into 6 segments

  3. Sprinkle dry starch on tofu

  4. Make a layer of dry starch on each tofu surface

  5. Eggs into the bowl to stir

  6. Put the tofu cubes in the egg mixture and wrap them evenly.

  7. The tofu wrapped in egg liquid is placed in a hot pot of oil temperature of 60%, and the surface of the fire is fried golden.

  8. Remove fried tofu

  9. Keep the base oil in the pan, add the Thai sweet and spicy sauce, stir fry, add salt, white vinegar, chicken powder and a little water starch to fry the bright juice.

  10. Put the fried tofu and stir fry evenly.


1. Tofu is photographed with dry starch before the egg liquid is poured. It is not easy to shell when fried. 2, the tofu wrapped in the juice immediately after the pan, the tofu skin is still crisp.

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