Recipe: Thai Coconut Lemon Curry Chicken Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai Coconut Lemon Curry Chicken Rice



  1. Chicken chopped meat. Pickled with cooking wine and ginger and white pepper

  2. Carrot and potato cut hobs. Chopped onion

  3. Rice is cooked

  4. Coconut oil in the pot, the onion is minced and fried

  5. After the saute, put the chicken down

  6. Put the potatoes and carrots after the chicken is discolored

  7. Put milk and curry sauce. Put the lemongrass in and cook

  8. You can add some water after stewing for a while. Cooked potatoes and carrots soften. You can get out of the pot

  9. Covered with rice, you can eat it.


I bought a bottle of coconut oil before, I heard that eating coconut oil skin and hair will get better. I thought it would be nice to put some in the chicken curry.

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