Recipe: Teriyaki Pleurotus edulis

Home Cooking Recipe: Teriyaki Pleurotus edulis


It is also apricot mushroom haha ​​~ In fact, I am the same meal with apricot mushroom to do two flavors. The inspiration is probably the oyster mushroom beef granules that I have eaten in the restaurant~ But on that day, only the dried beans in the house hardened the scalp on the XD and then chose the seasoning to be simmered, because I wanted to try the dried bean curd and the simmered. However, I use the dried bean curd with a lighter taste. If the dried salted bean is dried, it will be seasoned along with the lo mei. Add a sesame oil soy sauce. Sorry, let's get a little talk, let's get started!



  1. Pleurotus eryngii diced, dried beans and diced (in fact, I also cut the thick slices is also delicious, in short, not too thin or too small)

  2. Do not add oil to the hot pot, dry up the oyster mushroom, and it is more brittle after the water is released (you can also lick it, because the inside of the dicing is not easy to cook)

  3. Come on, stir-fry the beans and scent. (If the mushroom is drowning, put it after the dried bean)

  4. Add the teriyaki sauce and stir-fry (without teriyaki sauce, soy sauce and sugar into a teriyaki sauce, add a little vinegar to prevent salty and sweet), add a little water and fire slightly

  5. The fire is getting out of the pan, oh yeah!


1. Beans have different personalities, please take care of their taste to season; 2. The sauce such as teriyaki sauce is very salty, use is risky, please be cautious when starting.

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