Recipe: Teriyaki chicken rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Teriyaki chicken rice


Japanese-style teriyaki chicken is a well-known dish in Japan. The taste is really delicious. I want to do a good job, but I pay attention to it. I watched the cooking program in the previous section and learned the secrets of making delicious food. It is more advanced than what I originally did.



  1. Boneless chicken legs remove fat oil, remove the tendons, and fork on the chicken skin with a fork

  2. Pan, pour a little oil, put the chicken skin down, use a shovel to keep pressing on the meat. After turning yellow, turn over, then use a shovel to keep pressing on the meat.

  3. Use kitchen paper to wipe off the remaining oil in the pot, pour the sauce, cover, and turn over from time to time to avoid burning. The burnt meat is taken out and placed on a stainless steel net for a while, cut into pieces.

  4. Put the rice in a bowl, pour the chicken sauce on the rice, and then add the sliced ​​chicken.

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