Recipe: Teriyaki

Home Cooking Recipe: Teriyaki


Teriyaki, is the taste of sweet soy sauce, plus Shanghai moss can increase the flavor, it is suitable for dinner



  1. Pleurotus eryngii is cut into hob blocks, green peppers are removed, and seeds are cut into pieces for use.

  2. Heat a little oil in the pot, sauté the ginger and then stir-fry the oyster mushrooms until the water is fried, let the water evaporate, add the green pepper and stir-fry

  3. Pour in soy sauce and sugar, continue to stir fry until only a little thick juice, add seaweed and stir well before cooking.


In general, the family will not always have a salad sauce, and you can mix it with soy sauce and sugar, or use sugar instead of sugar.

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