Recipe: Teppanyaki

Home Cooking Recipe: Teppanyaki



  1. Complete materials, wash and spare

  2. Beef slices, do not cut along the lines, cut the lines, eat it will not bite, add white pepper to taste

  3. Add white sugar and white glutinous rice wine and mix thoroughly

  4. Marinate for about 20 minutes, then add starch, grab evenly, hang paste

  5. Green pepper cut off both ends and cut off the white part

  6. Cut green pepper into triangle pieces, carrot cut diamond pieces

  7. Burn the oil in the pot, add 40% hot beef, and slide well.

  8. Start to adjust the sauce: ketchup, soy sauce, sugar, salt, white glutinous rice wine, lemon juice, a little, mix thoroughly

  9. Add olive oil to the pot, add onion, and sauté

  10. Add carrot slices and stir-fry for a while

  11. Add fried beef and stir fry

  12. Pour the prepared sauce and stir-fry

  13. Thicken the juice, add the green pepper slices, stir-fry for a while

  14. You can put the iron plate on the stove before burning.

  15. Tin foil cut a circle slightly larger than the iron plate

  16. Spread the tin foil on the iron plate and sprinkle with onion

  17. Ok, the beef is out of the pan and it’s on the iron plate.


Here is a small tip of beef! The trick is: 1. Cut the lines against the lines, cut off the lines, and eat short-grain roads, so just bite. 2. Add some sugar when marinating beef before frying. Beef is sweet and salty. The use of sugar not only makes the taste more delicious, but more importantly, after the white sugar is marinated, the beef can become tenderer. Because sugar can increase the water holding capacity of protein in beef, the water is much more, and it tastes naturally tender. The specific method is: cut the beef, put 1 scoop of white sugar, marinate for 20 minutes, let the sugar molecules fully penetrate into the beef. After pickling the sugar, add some water to the beef and stir slowly to prevent the beef from dehydrating and shrinking. After the sugar molecules infiltrate into the beef, when it meets the water, it will absorb water and make the meat pieces rise slightly, which reduces the toughness and hardness of the beef.

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