Recipe: Tendons

Home Cooking Recipe: Tendons


Recently, bird flu and sick pigs are so serious that this carnivore can only be run on beef and mutton. Red glutinous rice and curry are a little bit tired. I think of a restaurant with a fire near my house, beef and various gluten. The brain is soft and savory, the soup can also be simmered, and it is really good to recall the taste at home.



  1. Cut the burdock, ribs and ribs, cool the water pot, put a proper amount of vinegar and cooking wine in the water, rinse with warm water after drowning.

  2. Put a little base oil in the pot, sauté the scallions, ginger and garlic, add the red oil in the Pixian bean paste, add the sirloin and slab stir fry, add hot water, no beef. The fire is boiling. At this time, it doesn't matter if there is more water, and the rest can be eaten with leeks.

  3. Put pepper, star anise, salt, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, chicken juice, dried chili, fragrant leaves, rock sugar, Wang Shouyi stew, meat, soy sauce and red wine, boil over low heat, simmer for 3-4 hours, until Beef can be soft and rotten


I put a little bit of bean paste, I don't like to eat spicy, I can put it a little less. Wang Shouyi's stewed beef and mutton is very delicious. My family's spices are not complete, so I thought of it, the effect is not bad, I don't want to casserole 3-4 For an hour, you can go to the pressure cooker for half an hour, but I always feel that the pressure cooker is not enough to taste, and the beef stewed is not soft enough, and the remaining soup is used to make the base of the lamb. It’s great Ps: I didn't finish the meal yesterday. I put it all night. Today I put it on the induction cooker and eat it like hot pot. I put a lot of potatoes. It’s just like selling it outside. My husband and I agreed to do it later. This, tonight, to eat, it’s definitely not the same.

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