Recipe: Ten thousand kinds of yoghurt

Home Cooking Recipe: Ten thousand kinds of yoghurt


I thought about it and wanted to change the recipe to 10,000 kinds of yoghurt. Yogurt promotes digestion, protects the stomach, prevents cancer and cancer, prevents constipation, and enhances immunity. Therefore, a healthy girl should drink more yogurt. All kinds of yoghurt can be eaten in. It is a simple and quick way to eat yoghurt. Although I haven't thought of 10,000 kinds, but we all cheer together! I am always welcome to add ~ Thanks @大猫小猫@栗子家的喵@宁芝安朵@芸初@楚妍@春殿w @鱼仙_ @mengmengo @林卡洛@你是眼麋破钻的麋鹿* @倔强的大肉丸 Uploaded beautiful works by me to make recipe pictures~



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  5. Some people use yogurt with vegetables ~ such as purple potato ~

  6. More yogurt with fruit ~ blueberry mulberry papaya strawberry and so on and so on! ! !

  7. Yogurt with cereals! ! !

  8. There are also direct yogurt with yogurt! Cool! ! !

  9. How do you match yogurt and everything! ๑•ิ.•ั๑ Love to share~


I hope that the baby who has a good way to eat also tell me oh! Yogurt control to hold it! ! !

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