Recipe: #爱自己,好吃早餐# Ten minutes to get [Cheese Vegetable Egg Cake]

Home Cooking Recipe: #爱自己,好吃早餐# Ten minutes to get [Cheese Vegetable Egg Cake]


In ten minutes, getting a delicious and delicious breakfast has always been the goal pursued by lazy people like me. This time, I shared my best omelettes with the cheese, and served with a plate of vegetable salad and a few slices of toast, which was like a queen-like breakfast.  Every time, you will put a lot of cheese in the soft, melt the cheese in the quiche, and drool over it~~~ There are salty ham and refreshing vegetables, add extra points to this quiche. Haha, don't say much, just go straight to practice!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cheese, ham and lettuce are cut into small pieces

    Cheese, ham and lettuce are cut into small pieces

  2. Mix the eggs with milk, a small amount of salt and mix well. Add the cheese and ham and mix well.

  3. After the frying pan is hot, pour a small amount of olive oil, then pour the mixed egg liquid, and turn the frying pan by hand to spread the egg liquid evenly on the bottom of the pot.

  4. Adjust the medium heat cover and fry until the edge of the egg cake begins to separate from the wall of the egg. When the egg liquid begins to solidify, evenly spread the lettuce grains to turn off the fire.


TIPS: ** Other ingredients in the quiche can be adjusted according to their own stock, what to put, but the cheese and ham must have, these two are perfect match with the eggs. ** Adding a small amount of milk to the egg liquid will make the fried egg cake more tender and also add flavor to the egg cake.   ** Because ham is also salty, so just add a little bit of salt, or it will be too salty.

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