Recipe: Ten minutes of lunch

Home Cooking Recipe: Ten minutes of lunch


The so-called ten-minute lunch, not that I am really quick to finish in ten minutes, but to study hard to plan the time, the work that can be prepared in advance is ready for the first night, only ten minutes earlier than the day without the lunch, can be eaten at noon. Delicious meals O(∩_∩)O~



  1. Preparation for the first night: cut pork with diced pork, chopped ginger (can not be sliced ​​or not like ginger), marinate the meat with teriyaki sauce and ginger

  2. Beans are washed well, cut into small pieces

  3. Rice reservation

  4. Get up the next day, boil water in a small milk pot and add some salt to cook beans. Because the beans are not familiar with poisoning, so cook more, anyway, eat it yourself, the color is not so good, it doesn't matter, you can go to wash this time.

  5. During the normal wake-up procedure, pay attention to the beans from time to time, and then drain the drain after cooking.

  6. First fry the light eggs, beat the eggs and add the right amount of salt, add the oil to the hot pot, fry the eggs, and fry them into your favorite size.

  7. Eggs are placed in a lunch box, and the pan is refueled with pork. (Pork is chopped up so that it can be cooked quickly)

  8. All the food is packed, get it!


1, green leafy vegetables are not suitable for bringing lunch, unless a salad; 2, in order to be healthier and save time, you can boil as much as you can, such as vegetables, such as eggs 3, when preparing for the first night, let the process go a little, the next day will not be too busy, after all, the morning time is still very valuable drops

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