Recipe: Ten-flavored marinated beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Ten-flavored marinated beef


Ms is difficult, you will feel very simple after practice. Although it is a complex mixture of various fragrances, the result is a superb fragrance, which appears in turns, which is the best taste. A feast is indispensable. . . The most important thing you dare to try!



  1. Put all the spices in the water and roll them off

  2. Put in the sirloin, the fire will boil and see the roll, and the foam will be pulled out.

  3. Cover the lid and simmer it, add yellow wine, sugar, soy sauce

  4. You can collect the juice from the fire.


The marinade soup can be used repeatedly. When it is done next time, just add the fragrant leaves, star anise, cinnamon, salt and soy sauce. Do not cut the beef immediately after it has been cooked. Soak it in the soup for a few hours, then cut it and taste it.

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