Recipe: Teenage Girl Breakfast - Purple Potato Coconut Pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: Teenage Girl Breakfast - Purple Potato Coconut Pudding


What is more girl than a faint purple? Although the Australian village has only a variety of purple potatoes, it still can't stop my love for words. Thick, close to solid, smooth purple potato puree with Greek yogurt and fruit, with God!



  1. Purple potato steamed. Or cut it in a shallow dish and pour it into a microwave oven.

  2. Add milk and coconut milk, love to eat very sweet and add some sugar.

  3. Stir evenly in the wall breaker or the cooking machine until it is fluffy and feels slightly.

  4. Take a little refrigerated ingredients to eat!


According to the moisture and cooking method of purple potato, adjust the amount of liquid by yourself.

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