Recipe: Teacher Zhong Juan, the middle species of Hokkaido

Home Cooking Recipe: Teacher Zhong Juan, the middle species of Hokkaido


(The picture is borrowed from love and freedom. When I have done my own Hokkaido toast this week, I will change the picture. I wanted to use my direct method of the toast, but I have a problem with my mobile phone. I can’t wear it. Looking for a lot of recipes, it is not here is not complete, that is not complete there. It’s hard to find one. The legendary middle-class teacher of Hokkaido’s most powerful teacher, Juan Juan, is afraid to find it, so go here first. The landlord did not say how big the mold is, then the default is 450G toast. Medium-sized cold storage method (obviously, it is also seen directly in the fermentation of medium-temperature warming environment. But for those who want to go to work, it is more reliable to use the cold storage method) A is a medium raw material B is the main dough material



  1. After the yeast in the middle seed is dissolved in milk, it is put together with other medium-sized raw materials and chilled for 17-24 hours.

  2. Mix the fermented A and B materials with all the materials except butter and hit the Q bomb.

  3. Add butter and rub it into the glove

  4. Fermentation for ten minutes

  5. Split, sleek, and ferment for another 15 minutes

  6. Roll into the mold, (the volume is softer once a time; the volume is 2 times smaller)

  7. Send to the oven after 7-8 minutes

  8. Without a cover of 160 ° C / 180 ° C for about 30 ~ 35 minutes, (can be covered with tin foil after coloring);r With cover 190 ° C / 200 ° C for about 30 ~ 35 minutes.


Two different methods of the cold storage method and the room temperature method, the differences are as follows: (from the teacher of love and freedom) Medium-sized method: The yeast of the middle part should be reused in water first, and the medium is divided into room temperature and cold storage.  (1) Kind of in room temperature: Because the middle part needs to be fully developed, the fermentation time is relatively long. My current practice is to go to work before the afternoon and good face. When I get home from work, it will be done, kneading, relaxing, shaping, The final fermentation is carried out to ensure that sleep time will not be delayed.  (2) Refrigerant seed: The refrigerated medium can be put in the refrigerator for ten hours, and the fermentation time can be reversed according to the time when you want to start making bread. For example, do it overnight in the refrigerator, or put it in the refrigerator in the morning and use it in the evening. The refrigerated medium seeds do not need to be warmed up after being taken out, and can be directly operated. Poke the link below to see love and self-use 100% of Hokkaido made with the teacher's recipe. There will be some small differences in the middle, or I will add it after I have done it myself.

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