Recipe: Tea tree mushroom wide powder stewed chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Tea tree mushroom wide powder stewed chicken


Suddenly I missed the taste of dried tea tree mushrooms, so I went to the dry goods store and bought it. When I came back, I washed it with cold water and soaked it for a night. It was easy to smash when I was doing it at noon the next day. I always felt it used. After the dry tea tree mushroom stew, the tea tree mushroom tastes much better than the meat, and the tea tree mushroom, pork or chicken are well matched. This time, I used it to stew the chicken, and added some wide flour. I ate it as a dish that was fragrant and satisfying.



  1. Tea tree mushroom is sprayed with water one night in advance, and the tea tree mushroom is cut off to the roots, and washed with water.

  2. Wide powder is softened with warm water in advance

  3. The chicken is chopped into small pieces, boiled in water, and the chicken is served with a little cooking wine. After boiling for 1 minute, remove it, wash the blood and drain.

  4. Stir fry the oil to 50% heat, add the onion, ginger, star anise, cinnamon and stir fry, then stir in the chicken pieces for a while, fry until the chicken skin turns yellow, add a little cooking wine, add soy sauce and soy sauce, add a little sugar to continue After frying until colored, add water to the chicken.

  5. Put in the tea tree mushroom, boil, turn to low heat until the meat is rotten, transfer the salt, and put in the soaked wide powder to cook.


1. Tea tree mushroom must be foamed in advance, and it is easy to boil when it is done; 2. The wide powder must be softened in advance and then placed in the dish, otherwise it is easy to dry the chicken soup and may not be cooked. Soak the wide powder and cook it.

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