Recipe: Tea tree mushroom fried wild celery

Home Cooking Recipe: Tea tree mushroom fried wild celery


Wild celery has slender petiole and many fibers. Compared with cress, it has a rich fragrance. In the Book of Songs, there was a record of "Sile with water, thinly picking its own celery", and "Lv's Spring and Autumn" also recorded: "The beauty of the dish, there is the celery of Yunmeng." It can be seen that celery has been cultivated for a long time in China. Wild celery has four seasons in the north and south of China, but it tastes best in early spring. In the late Qing Dynasty, "Vegetarian Speaking" records: "Qinhuang is better in Qinzhong, he can't get it too. Cut the section, it is very good with the tofu and dried silk; the fried celery is also good; or cut into the water 瀹 (yue, meaning It is "boiled"), salt, vinegar, sesame oil mixed with food, especially crisp." Today, the famous "Kei Huang Gan Silk" in Yangzhou cuisine is this dish. People like to eat wild celery, not only because of its rich flavor, but also because of its high nutritional value, in addition to containing certain protein and vitamins, it also contains a large amount of inorganic salts, especially calcium and iron. Wild celery is a high-fiber, low-calorie food. Celery provides less heat to the body than the body needs to digest celery. It produces lignin and enteric fat when it is digested in the intestine. These two substances are an antioxidant. It can speed up the movement of excreta in the intestine. It has anti-cancer and detoxification effects and is an effective beauty diet food. One. Today's wild celery has a special status. It is the best green organic vegetable, free of pesticides and fertilizers, and naturally grown. The status of Huxi wild celery is more special. It grows in the water of the valley of the Lushan Mountain, surrounded by clouds all year round. Lushan nourishes wild celery, Wild celery purifies Lushan. Do you also need to purify the mind?



  1. Wash the tea tree mushrooms and cut into 5 cm long sections.

  2. Wash wild celery and cut into 5 cm long spare

  3. Carrots are washed and cut into 5 cm long thick spare

  4. Ginger washed and peeled, cut into the end

  5. Put the pot, put the water in the pot, put the salt (10 g), tea tree mushroom, wild celery, carrot wire after boiling water, and boil for 15 seconds.

  6. Put a little oil in the pot, fragrant ginger, then stir the tea tree mushrooms, wild celery, carrots together, the fire is going to be strong, the action is fast, so the fried dishes have the flavor of the dishes. Finally, the seasoning can be a little bit thin, a little sesame oil, and the pan can be put on the pan.


This dish is tender and crisp, with a special aroma and rich nutrition. Wild celery is a unique vegetable with certain pharmacological and therapeutic value. Like wild celery, wild celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat.

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