Recipe: Tea tree mushroom fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Tea tree mushroom fried pork



  1. Prepare all the ingredients

  2. Wash the tea tree mushrooms and remove the old roots. Soak them in light salt water for a while, and cut the pork belly into 0.3 cm thick slices.

  3. After soaking, the tea tree mushroom is rinsed with water, drained, and cut into pieces by hand. Pour the water into the wok and boil it. Add the tea tree mushroom. When the water is boiled again, remove the tea tree mushroom and drain the water.

  4. Pour the oil into the hot pot, heat it on low heat, add the chopped bean paste and stir-fry the red oil. Add the ginger, garlic and pepper, and the dried pepper to the scent. Add the pork belly and the medium fire. Stir-fried until the flesh is white

  5. Put in the tea tree mushroom and fry until it is broken, put salt, sugar and stir-fry, pour into the soy sauce

  6. Finally, pour in the sesame oil and sprinkle a small piece of black sesame seeds.


1. Before the fresh tea tree mushroom is placed in the pot, it is best to soak it in light water after rinsing with water to remove some of the smell and dirt of the fresh tea tree mushroom and enhance the toughness of the tea tree mushroom. 2, fresh tea tree mushrooms with pork belly to fry, with dried tea tree mushrooms with bacon fried. 3, fresh tea tree mushroom cover tender brittle, can be broken by hand, do not have to use a knife.

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