Recipe: Tea tree mushroom chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tea tree mushroom chicken soup


Today, this soup, only salt, is very delicious, because good ingredients are the key to determining the taste and nutrition of the soup. In the current city, the original ingredients are too hard to find, so this rare chicken is only worthy of soup. Moreover, chicken soup has the function of improving the immunity of the respiratory system, and is very suitable for children like my daughter who are easily ill in the respiratory system.



  1. Prepare materials. Wash the chicken and cut the pieces, wash the tea tree mushrooms and wash them.

  2. Add water to the pot and boil, pour in the chicken pieces, remove the blood and pick up

  3. In addition to a casserole, put the chicken pieces in the water in a casserole, add ginger and onions and stew

  4. Adding tea tree mushrooms after about 1 hour of simmering

  5. Continue to simmer for about 20 minutes and season with salt.


If you are afraid of the oil of chicken soup, you can put the cooked chicken soup into a small bowl and let it cool. After the oil has solidified, it will be removed and heated. Or use a straw to drink soup (but make sure the soup is cool enough), so you avoid the oil on the soup.

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