Recipe: Tea oil duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Tea oil duck


Ingredients: one duckling (about 1000 grams), a large amount of ginger, onion, and red pepper. Seasoning: tea oil, salt, soy sauce, the right amount.



  1. System of law: 1, the duck slaughter and cure the net, smashed into small pieces, to be used. 2, fire the pot, take a little tea oil to the pot, wait for the oil to put into the duck block after high temperature, stir fry the water of the duck, then add salt, soy sauce and stir well. 3, put the duck into the purple sand pot, pour a bowl of tea oil (quantity can be controlled by yourself, if the duck is more, you can also add a little water), put a large ginger, onion, red pepper section, open fire for about 20 minutes Serve.

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