Recipe: Tea egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Tea egg


Today, let's introduce a snack - tea eggs. Nutritious eggs add the fragrance of tea, which can be used for both meals and snacks. It can be said to be both practical and fun.



  1. Wash the eggs and put them in the water to cook eight ripe

  2. Remove the eggs and immerse them in cold water for two minutes.

  3. Put the tea, aniseed, rock sugar, licorice, cinnamon and other seasonings into the rice cooker, then add the eggs, add the soy sauce, and then add the salt. Inject water, drown all ingredients

  4. Set for 20 minutes. It is the same as using other rice cookers without cooking rice cookers. If you cook on an open fire, it is recommended to cook for more than 30 minutes.

  5. After the tea egg is cooked, gently break the eggshell and soak it in the brine for a few hours, which will make it even more delicious. You can also put the eggs in the pot to soak for one night.


Here are a few tips to tell you: 1. Tea leaves must be selected from teas that are resistant to foam, rich in flavor, and above medium, preferably black tea. Black tea can make the tea leaves of the egg color, fragrance and taste. 2, the brine must be over the eggs, must not be boiled, will cause the protein to be stiff and difficult to chew, neither good nor digestible.

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