Recipe: Tea chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Tea chicken wings



  1. After washing the chicken wings, drain the water and draw two knives.

  2. Garlic, ginger slices placed on chicken wings

  3. Put in the Lee Kum Kee double tea soy sauce and mix well. Let the chicken wings all get soy sauce and marinate for half an hour.

  4. Put the marinated into the rice cooker, and marinate the chicken wings, and then put about 30ml of water, press the cooking button.

  5. After three minutes, turn over, and then react two or three times. The rice cooker jumps to the heat preservation button and then squats for five minutes.


Putting out the water to prevent the chicken wings from sticking to the pot will also speed up the chicken. Please see my rice cooker Argentina burning wings Do not put a lot of old smoke, mainly color and saltiness enough, I put about two or three beverage caps, the saltiness is just right, the color is deeper. The fragrant tea chicken wings are out of the pan.

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