Recipe: Tasty oily asparagus

Home Cooking Recipe: Tasty oily asparagus


Add a boiled fresh asparagus with a sauce that is easy to prepare, which not only highlights the freshness of the ingredients, but also makes it easy to use your kitchen knife.



  1. Asparagus roots go to the old skin, cut off the old stalks, wash and cut long sections, put them into boiling water, cook them, remove the drained water, set aside

  2. Raw soy sauce, sugar, salt and a little water poured into the pot and boiled on the asparagus

  3. Ginger and garlic are sprinkled on asparagus. Cooking oil and sesame oil are burned in a wok until 70% heat is poured on the ginger and garlic. Finally, sprinkle with red pepper.


1. The recipe is taken from the food hall. The recommended soy sauce is gold standard soy sauce.

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