Recipe: Tasteless Eggs (Super Simple Version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Tasteless Eggs (Super Simple Version)


Fangzi is simple and delicious.



  1. First cook the eggs, then peel off the skin, take a knife and put a few mouthfuls on the eggs.

  2. Add some water to the pot, don't put too much, put beer and eggs.

  3. After the pot is put, sugar, salt, soy sauce, soy sauce, star anise, pepper, want to eat spicy, put the dried chili, boiled almost shut off the fire.

  4. Finally, the most important step is to take a moment after turning off the fire. The longer the taste is lighter, the better.


This recipe has a bottle of beer and a little water just enough for ten eggs. The delicious egg is the last time it is soaked, and it can be soaked for a few hours. The soup that is baked out can continue to wait for the dried tofu and so on.

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