Recipe: Taste fried tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Taste fried tofu


The so-called miscellaneous dish is a dish that combines a lot of dishes and is cooked by simmering. There is no technical content of the dish. The taste of the dish is rich and rich, and it is very good. There are good people, and the family goes out, suitable for both men and women. The taste of the miscellaneous vegetables is light, and when you do it, you can drop the white chicken juice. Oh, the taste complements each other and helps each other.



  1. The ingredients are cleaned, the cherry tomatoes are half cut, the green peppers are cut into small pieces, and the crab legs are separated.

  2. Cut the meat into large pieces, use a little salt, then dry the hawthorn powder, cut the onion, peel the garlic, and prepare the ginger slices.

  3. The oil in the pot is hot, and the onion, garlic and ginger are poured into the incense.

  4. Pour in fried tofu, cauliflower, crableg mushroom stir fry, add some salt to taste

  5. Pour the flower pot into the stir fry

  6. Pour water that can be drunk

  7. Another oil pan, will grab the dry pork tenderloin slightly stir-fry discoloration, put up

  8. Pour the fried pieces into the clams, cover them and simmer for a while.

  9. Pour cherry tomatoes and green peppers, roll slightly, and finally into the half-spoon of Jiahao chicken juice, see roll


1, cauliflower is easy to rotten, pay attention to time, can not be stewed for too long. 2, cauliflower has salt, the flower bud itself has a salty taste, the chicken broth contains a fresh salty scent, must not add too much, depending on the amount of food. 3, pay attention to the order of the dishes, cherry tomatoes and green peppers are finally put, these two dishes can not be stewed for a long time. First, the color is not good, and the second is too bad, affecting the taste.

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