Recipe: Taste crayfish

Home Cooking Recipe: Taste crayfish



  1. Crayfish, cramps, repeated washing with a toothbrush 2 times soaked in salt water

  2. Big fire, hot oil (slightly a little bit of oil), put into Hunan dried chili, garlic, pepper, fragrant leaves, star anise, stir-fry

  3. Put the washed crayfish, stir fry and add water to keep all the crayfish off.

  4. Boil it, put it in konjac, put in the right amount of salt, chicken, continue to cook for about 10 minutes, cook for a little longer, so that lobster can taste

  5. Put the washed spinach 1 minute before the pan, and then boil it a little.


When you buy crayfish, you can let the stall owner help cramps.

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