Recipe: Tartary buckwheat tea oil bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Tartary buckwheat tea oil bread


11.14 is the United Nations Diabetes Day. As a nutritionist, I naturally want to develop a special bread for diabetes. Now I look around. There are many people with diabetes and pre-sugar, and some have already had cerebral infarction, oppressing the optic nerve, resulting in one eye. Blind, this year's diabetes theme slogan is also "to focus on diabetes", China currently has 110 million people with diabetes, that is, 1 out of 10 people, this is not the most terrible, terrible pre-diabetes (pre-sugar) 500 million people, that is to say, one out of every two people is in the early stage of sugar. I believe that you can count several people around you. Diabetes diet is the most important prevention and treatment. The dietitian tells everyone that sugar friends have no food that they can't eat, but they must control the amount of food. They should choose the type of food. Sugar friends can check two keywords on the Internet: food production. Glucose index and blood sugar load, understand these two words, you can basically control your blood sugar. In addition, you must mix your meals with food. When you eat carbon water, you must match protein and dietary fiber. This is a diabetes diet. Above the sword. In this bread, there are bitter buckwheat that sugar friends need to eat. The GI value is 54. It is a low-glycemic food, and the B group is also very high. This is very good for patients with more urine sugar and higher chromium content. It is known that chromium stimulates insulin secretion, raises insulin levels, activates insulin activity, and facilitates the entry of glucose into the blood cells. For tartary buckwheat, it has to mention its unique nutrients - flavonoids, the main ingredient is rutin. Rutin has the effect of reducing capillary brittleness and improving microcirculation. This is also a vascular problem that sugar friends are anxious to improve.



  1. Put the water and eggs into the bread machine first, then put the dry powder, yeast and sugar. After the release, start the face and face keys. During the period, due to the different moisture content of the flour, add powder or water at the right time to make it into a dough (softer than the dough made of steamed buns)

  2. Half an hour after the face, two light (face light, machine light), you can make tea oil, oil can not be early, or make it hard.

  3. The bread machine and the noodles are not strong enough. I used my hands for another 30 minutes. The whole dough can feel gluten. Because bitter buckwheat has few gluten, it is difficult to expand into the expansion stage. If the amount of refined powder is increased, it is not diabetes. Bread, so the market-based multigrain bread is not suitable for sugar friends.

  4. Divide the dough into 3 portions, roll up the batter, and place the bread in turn. Start the barbecue button.

  5. Cut into 10 pieces after the chilling, remember, the diabetes diet must be mixed with the meal (I don't understand, you can read the introduction, this is very important.


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