Recipe: Taro yam egg yolk cake (with roasted and fried potato)

Home Cooking Recipe: Taro yam egg yolk cake (with roasted and fried potato)


There are only recipes for fillings, there are a lot of meringues, and it is not available here~ (Fangzi can probably do about 8 to 10 taro)



  1. Steamed and steamed into steamed bread, add butter, coconut milk, and white sugar into a non-stick pan and stir-fry into a non-stick stuffing. Try to fry the water.

  2. Mix the Mashu stuffing evenly, put it in a flat plate and boil for 6~10 minutes in boiling water pot.

  3. Salted egg yolk is baked in the oven at 200 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes, cooked and cooked, and taken out for half-cutting.

  4. Steamed potatoes are placed in a flat, half-salted egg yolk, and wrapped in a fragrant egg yolk, and then wrapped in meringue. (Recommendation: citron 18g + mochi 12g + salted egg 1/2)


1, the color of the taro is white, you can use purple potato powder or food color to adjust the color 2, the egg yolk is divided into four, so that the package is better, the filling will not be too large 3, the sweetness of the filling Degree can be adjusted by yourself, and added a small amount several times. After all, everyone accepts different sweetness. 4, the potato is not hard to be roasted. The next day, the taste is also soft, so everyone can safely bake it~ 5, the good taro is eaten in room temperature within 3 days, after all, no preservatives added~

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