Recipe: Taro squash

Home Cooking Recipe: Taro squash


On the weekend, I made a color and scented stomach for my husband and daughter. I smashed the pumpkins and smashed the pumpkins. My husband took the name of the cock: Embrace the colorful food!



  1. Firstly, tamping, coix seed, flower mushroom and snail, scallops are softened in advance, put in a wok and boiled and put 3 pieces of ginger to taste, taro peeled, chopped white and chopped, green beans washed and drained, fresh Shrimp wash and peel the shell but leave the tail for spare. The small pumpkin is cut from one third, the melon seeds are taken out and washed, and the microwave oven is placed in the high school for five minutes.

  2. Put the oil in the hot pot, put the taro into the pot and fry the yellowish, then put it into the wok and fry it. Then put the simmered simmered and snails in the pot and cook until the hoe is cooked. The savory taste of the snails is enough, no need to season the spices.) Finally, the green beans and the fresh shrimps are simmered, and a little bit of starch is simmered and then simmered for a while.


This dish belongs to the dampness and nourishing stomach recipe

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