Recipe: Taro production (lazy version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Taro production (lazy version)


Because I was too lazy to fry the mud, I found that direct seasoning is also delicious. It is not bad at all, and it still retains the original taste of the mud. So I just did it.



  1. 芋 ➕ ➕ a small amount of water (do not submerge the hoe) discharge cooking in the rice cooker to cook, can be crushed with a spoon, do not need a stirrer to fight. Leave some small particles to have a real taste and chew.

  2. Stir in the whipped cream, granulated sugar and butter. Cool and refrigerate in the refrigerator is OK! Absolutely more than the original flavor of the fried juice, but also save trouble.


If the steamed bun is too wet to be cooked, the effect of adding butter is great. It can increase the taste of the milk and also make the steamed bun coagulate. When used, the state of the mud will be just right. If it is too dry then you need to add some milk. Refrigeration can be kept for three or four days.

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