Recipe: Taro oil tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Taro oil tofu


Thanks for the technology ~~~ This is a recipe that was only completely dictated with siri (☆_☆)



  1. The oil tofu is boiled with boiling water to remove the surface oil and cut into small pieces about one centimeter long. The taro is peeled.

  2. Prepare the pot all the time, add the water and put it into the steamed buns. After the water is opened, take the steamed bread out, wash it in cold water twice, and put it aside to control it.

  3. Take another pot, add the steamed bread, add soy sauce and broth and sugar. After the water is opened, continue to cook for seven to eight minutes, add the oil tofu, and then cook until the soup is dried.

  4. When you put it in the bowl, you can sprinkle some pepper powder.


Finally, you can sprinkle with your own taste, red oil chili can be anything

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