Recipe: Taro milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Taro milk


Since returning from Taiwan’s graduation trip, I have never been obsessed with the milk of Shantou. I will remember that there will be a resounding o(^▽^)o, and I will do it myself. In Taiwan's night market, the little brother who sells taro milk directly puts a few steamed steamed buns and milk into the cooking machine. One button is activated, the taro and the milk are fully integrated, and then you can enjoy the delicious!



  1. First, the steamed bread is steamed for about 25 minutes. It is easy to insert the steamed bread with the chopsticks head to represent steamed.

  2. Put the steamed taro and milk into the cooking machine and start the cooking machine. A cup of steamed bread is ready!


When peeling the steamed bread, please bring a disposable glove to protect your hands. The scalp is irritating to the skin. Please pay attention. I like to eat glutinous hoes when I drink taro milk, so I won't wait until the cooking machine breaks the hoe completely, so I can stop eating it when I drink it.

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