Recipe: Taro lily

Home Cooking Recipe: Taro lily


This soup is rich in nutrients, rich in flavor, soft in taro, fresh and sweet in lily, sturdy and somewhat QQ, you will love it once you eat it, hurry and try it ^_^



  1. Wash the bones of the pigs, pass the boiled water, re-discharge the bones in the pot, cook for about 30 minutes, turn off the meat, then remove the bones and remove the meat.

  2. Cut the small pieces, simmer clean, fresh lily, wash and use

  3. Put the bone soup that you just made in the casserole, put the steamed bread and simmer into the same cook.

  4. About 20 minutes, both the steamed bread and the glutinous rice are almost cooked. Put the pork bones into the meat for a while, and finally put the fresh lily. After a little or two minutes, add a little milk and put a little salt.


1. After the pig bones are removed from the meat, the meat is left and the bones are gone. 2, steamed bread, fresh oysters are easy to cook, cooking time is not too long, fresh lily can be eaten raw, so finally put 3, do not put too much milk, otherwise it is too greasy, you can try while putting the seasoning, if you like, you can add a little chicken, but not too much 4, like the thick thick soup can put a little raw water, boil and then put the seasoning taste 5, do not want to make bone soup can also be replaced with broth or chicken soup, the supermarket has to sell boxed 6, steamed bread can also be fried, so that you can cook first, then cook quickly 7. If you don't want to eat pork and bone, you can cook a delicious fresh soup with just a few kinds of ingredients.

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