Recipe: Taro duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Taro duck soup


In foreign countries, there will always be a sudden and then flashing thoughts, seized, and will not let go. I miss my mother’s hoe and duck soup.



  1. Duck flies. You can't see the bloodshot and you can fish out.

  2. Small taro, peeled, half cut

  3. Refill a pot of water, throw in duck meat, steamed bread. After the fire rolled, turn to a small fire for 2 hours. Use a pressure cooker for 45 minutes.

  4. After the pot, sprinkle with shallots and a little salt.


Shantou: It must be a little girl! ! ! Shallot: Must be green onion! ! ! Duck meat: There is such a saying in soup. If you want a good soup, you will lose meat in cold water. If you want the meat to be delicious, you will lose the meat when you roll it. You are. . . Look at it yourself.

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