Recipe: Taro and ginkgo duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Taro and ginkgo duck


After the beginning of the autumn, the most seasonal autumn supplement food is a slap in the face - clear fire to autumn dry, qi and beauty! You don't need any cooking, the ginkgo duck, the duck meat is salty and fragrant, soft and slightly sweet, the soup is white and delicious, don't miss it~~



  1. Light duck licks large pieces, removes excess fat and oil, washes the flying water; 芋艿 皮 skin cooked (chopsticks can be cooked and cooked), peeling and cutting knives

  2. Put a little oil in the cauldron, the onion section, the ginger slices are scented, and the duck is sautéed for a while and then a little wine is scented.

  3. Add a lot of water, submerge the duck pieces, boil and continue the fire until the soup color turns into milk white (about 15 minutes), change the small fire and simmer for 2 hours.

  4. Lower jaw, ginkgo, continue to stew for 30 minutes, season with salt

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