Recipe: Taoshanpi moon cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Taoshanpi moon cake



  1. Taoshan skin practice: 1, in order to do multi-color, I will take a color of each peach mountain skin, after the bagged peach skin is opened, evenly, and then put it in a fresh-keeping bag, remember that the milk peach skin must be smashed. It is ok to the color. 2, this mold is 50 grams, so the skin and stuffing are called 25 grams. 3, put it in reserve after the weighing. 4, a point of leather bag a piece of stuffing, the package of the method knows it 5, after the package is placed first spare, it is recommended to cover with plastic wrap, so as to avoid water loss. 6, prepare a moon cake group, after pressing, the film can be removed, and the other is the same, the color yourself! 7. After you have done it, put it in the baking tray. The peach cake mooncake that is not baked is very soft. Therefore, it is recommended that you directly operate in the baking tray when pressing the film, so that it will not be moved. The moon cake has been deformed. 8, put it in the oven, get angry and under fire 150 degrees, the middle layer baked for about 15 minutes. Like the pro, you can try Ha [spit tongue]

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