Recipe: Taoshan moon cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Taoshan moon cake



  1. First make white bean paste stuffing, mix the sugar and water in the white bean paste with a small fire to boil (just dissolve the amount of sugar in the sugar)

  2. Pour in the white bean paste prepared in advance and fry until the water is dried.

  3. Add maltose and continue to fry

  4. Sift into the milk powder and mix evenly

  5. Take 10 grams of white bean paste stuffed in advance and mix it evenly with egg yolk

  6. Steam on the pot for 3-5 minutes

  7. Sift through the remaining white bean paste and mix well

  8. Add softened ghee and knead evenly. At this time, you can adjust the hardness of the cake with a proper amount of milk powder or cooked flour.

  9. Wrap the prepared peach cake skin with plastic wrap and let it relax a little.

  10. First make the bean paste, according to my ratio, such as 100 grams of red bean paste (still drained red bean paste), put 25 grams of sugar, 15 grams of oil fried, stir-fry slightly, do not stick, If it is really fried, add a little cooked flour and mix evenly at the end.

  11. Divide the loose peach skin into 3 equal parts

  12. Evenly mixed with matcha powder, cocoa powder and coffee powder

  13. I made it according to the ratio of skin: filling = 3:7, such as 100 grams of moon cake 30 grams of peach skin, 70 grams of bean paste. 50 grams of moon cake 15 grams of peach skin, 35 grams of bean paste. Split the skin and stuffing into rounds

  14. Take a crust, squash, and wrap it in the filling

  15. Tightening

  16. Put in the mooncake mold and fill the mooncake mold

  17. Inverted to push out the pattern

  18. The surface is brushed with water and the oven is preheated at 170 degrees for 10-15 minutes.


*The fillings used can be fried according to the proportion I gave. Those who prefer sweeter can also add more, or they can make them with commercially available fillings. * Beginners or unskilled methods can also make Taoshan moon cakes according to 5:5. * When you pack moon cakes, remember a few points. First, "push", drag the moon cake with your left hand, and push the skin evenly with your right hand. When you push it to half, it is "wrapped"; at this time, hold one hand under the moon cake. In the way of circle, the other hand is wrapped in a little bit in the mouth; then it is "pinch", and the mouth must be pinched tightly; the last is "揉", and it should be evenly wrapped after wrapping. Remember this point, the same applies to other moon cakes. *The mold is not sieving powder, because the peach mountain moon cake is easy to crack when it is baked. If the filling material is not dry enough, it will crack. If the cake skin is too dry, it will crack. If the baking time is too long, it will crack. After all, it is a mooncake filled with “stuffed stuffing”. If the surface is sifted on the surface, it will be slightly removed when it is released from the mold. It is difficult to clean with a small brush. If it is baked in the oven, it will crack because it is too dry, so we prepared it before. Fillings and crusts must not be sticky. * If it is the Taoshan moon cake made according to my method, even if it is not baked, it can be eaten directly, and it can be stored in cold storage. Of course, the moon cake after baking will have a better taste and will reduce the sweetness. * The time of roasting peach mountain moon cake must not be too long. It can be baked until the outer skin mold is slightly hard. After cooling, it should be stored in a sealed box. After a night's return to the sand, it will be better. The picture is back to the sand. One night's moon cake, the cake is moist and fully blended with the filling. * Taoshan moon cakes have a short shelf life and are eaten as soon as possible. *Identify the quality of Taoshan moon cake. First, the texture of the cake skin should be clear, there should be no cracking, and the surface should be moist. Secondly, the peach cake of Yueshan is delicate and refreshing, not too greasy, and has a light milk fragrance. Taoshan moon cakes should not be colored after baking, so you can make moon cakes of various colors and flavors. Personally, the appearance is more elegant than other moon cakes, and it is healthier with less powder, less oil and less sugar.

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