Recipe: Tangyuan

Home Cooking Recipe: Tangyuan


Year after year, the season of reunion is here again.



  1. Soup dumplings: warm water and glutinous rice flour, slightly more water, the cooked dumplings will be soft and delicious.

  2. Divide the ingredients, wrap the stuffing, and tighten the mouth.

  3. Open the pot, simmer slowly until the dumplings all float on the surface of the water. It will be better to eat for a while.

  4. Rolled dumplings: stuffing into small pieces, you can use lard or chopped hawthorn cake to pinch the filling together.

  5. Put it in the glutinous rice, then into the water, then into the glutinous rice flour, and repeat until it is rolled into a dumpling, very tiring.


Whether it is pure water mill or pure glutinous rice flour, or both 1:1 or 2:1, the water is slightly more, the surface is softer, and the taste will be better.

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