Recipe: Tanghe powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Tanghe powder


Light and not lacking in taste, praise



  1. Slice the meat, pour the appropriate amount of soy sauce, cooking wine and give it a 'massage' by hand.

  2. After the meat is sucked into the sauce, add the raw powder (the raw powder can be added with some water and then added to the meat) and then continue to massage with the same step.

  3. After the massage, finally pour the oil, then mix it evenly and put it. Then you can prepare other things.

  4. Wash the dishes well, spare

  5. After boiling the water in the pot, pour the river powder into the pan and roll it a few times.

  6. Pick up the cooked river powder and put it in a bowl (the soup can be served with soup)

  7. Then you can stir the vegetables (you can use the method of cooking green vegetables, you can also throw them directly when you cook the powder) Anyway, I am lazy, usually throwing water together and river powder!

  8. The last is the focus, fried meat! After the fire is cooked, add the oil and add the ginger to the oil. After the ginger is tasted, pour the marinated meat (I usually marinate for 10-20 minutes) and fry with a big fire! If you see a little dry, you can add raw stir-fry (if you are already salty, you can add some water), shovel into the river powder after the fire is cooked.


In fact, the focus is on the meat, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion, the most delicious dish is also a good choice!

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