Recipe: Tangerine lily jujube porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Tangerine lily jujube porridge



  1. Dried tangerine peel, lily, red dates, and glutinous rice

  2. Add glutinous rice and 6 times more warm water to BB. After the fire is boiled, add the dried tangerine peel and red dates. Continue to boil and turn to low heat. Cook the porridge until about 30 minutes. Remove the red dates and peel the nucleus. Add in the porridge and continue to cook. Cook for 1.5-2 hours

  3. Remove the dried tangerine peel from the cooked porridge, chop the lily, stir it and put it on the heat to serve the baby.


If the sweet red dates boiled porridge is sweet, you don't need to put rock sugar. If the baby doesn't like sweets, you don't have to put it. That rock candy is added to the baby who likes sweets.

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