Recipe: Talking about the making process of toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Talking about the making process of toast


Toast toast was invented by the French grard depardieu in 1491. It is said that this is the case. Once this old man and the then French emperor said that he had a way to make the bread into gold, so the emperor ordered him to complete a machine in two weeks to make the bread into gold. Two weeks passed, he went to see the emperor, he took out the machine, the current slice appeared in the machine, certainly not gold. The emperor saw Longyan furious and wanted to kill him. He was in a hurry and took out the sliced ​​cheese in the middle of the slice and handed it to the emperor. The emperor was very happy after eating it. He felt very delicious and thought it was worth more than gold, so he didn't kill him! The thing was named toast, and toast was the name of the emperor's daughter princess, so the toast became popular. I have been learning toast for half a year, and I have accumulated a little experience. It may not be very mature, nor has it been certified by an authority. Imperfect places, master teachers do not spray, give more advice! It is easy to make bread, it is difficult to make toast, and novice friends have such a feeling. Toast is going to be done, I have summed up three points. (1) The proportion of water should be appropriate. It should be thin and have a certain strength of the film. (2) One hair and two hairs should be in place. Membrane, (3) The baking temperature should be appropriate, and the method of boxing should be correct. Below I will explain my own experience from three aspects.



  1. Kneading is the basis for making toast: using the right high-gluten flour, wheat is grown in high-latitude cold regions and is widely grown around the world. High-quality wheat is represented by Canadian hard red. The quality of high-gluten flour directly affects the production of toast, and the price varies greatly. Novices do not recommend using too high-gluten flour. I often use gold and queen. Skilled to use some ordinary powder later. The method of kneading is very important. The liquid content is very important. The amount of liquid is equal to water or milk plus egg plus whipped cream. It is about a range, about 60 to 85 percent compared with flour. The kneaded dough has a little sticky hand, but it won't be very sticky, soft and hard like an earlobe. It is more scientific to use the post-oil method on the kneading surface, after adding oil and salt. Oil can hinder the formation of the fascia, which kills the yeast. Sugar can help yeast fermentation, more or less must be added. There are a lot of kneading methods, and you can also cook directly. There is an easy way to judge whether the moisture content is suitable. Take a pot of the right size. All the materials except the butter and salt will be smashed into a dough. The palm should be attached to the dough. The dough should not stick to the palm. Falling down, this state is the basis of the film. I personally think that it is not necessary to hold out the glove film. Many friends are entangled in this issue. It is the same to take a thin piece of dough and pull out a thin film with a certain strength. There are many ways to do this under the kitchen. It is not repeated. Thin and strong film, it is very important in the toast making process! To do this, the toast must be able to grow taller, and the taller toast tissue will not be worse, and the toast will eventually look at the faceted tissue. The control of moisture should have a process of accumulation. Novice friends should not be too anxious. The performance of various flours is different. As long as you have a good mind and do more records, you can do it and get qualified dough.

  2. One and two rounds of toast and shaping of the dough: the fermentation of the toast dough is very important. The dough is not fermented. It is a lifeless dead surface. Only after fermentation can we give the dough a new life and make a soft and delicious toast. . Fermentation is the process of placing the yeast in the flour. After a change in temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide is produced, which makes the dough soft and gives the dough a wheat flavor. One time can be long, and the second time can't be long. The temperature control is between 5 and 30 degrees. The higher the temperature, the faster the temperature is. The medium temperature does not require too high fermentation temperature. When the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the bacteria in the dough grow rapidly, which directly affects the taste. . The second time was too long, the nutrients in the dough were directly consumed, and the taste of the toast became very poor. The temperature of the second hair is controlled between 35 degrees and 40 degrees. The second hair has a humidity requirement of about 80%. One hair does not require humidity. The fermentation time is between 1 hour and 1 half and a half. Except for the middle species, the second is about 1 hour. The time is only a boast. All the fermentations look at the state and do not look at the time. Regarding the shaping, the dough is divided as much as possible, and the fascia cannot be destroyed. Relaxation should also be in place, easily made into a beef tongue, between 25 cm and 30 cm. 2 1/2 to 3 laps, and the amount of dough into the toast box can't be too small, about 510 grams! Can do this step, not far from success.

  3. Precautions when baking: The oven should be preheated, high sugar and high oil should pay attention to the color, it can not be baked, and the toast height will basically form within ten minutes. You can't get too much fire, otherwise it will become a black bag. It can't be too low, otherwise it's not familiar. Whether the toast is well-understood, shake the toast box, put the side of the box and gently apply force. Toast out of the box, that is cooked. Baked toast in time out of the oven, out of the box in time, side to take. To be cold through the slices.

  4. The above is the experience of doing toast yourself, the wrong place everyone advises! I am especially grateful to the big sister teacher who helped me, and I would like to thank my friends who have always praised me.

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