Recipe: Take cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Take cucumber



  1. Cucumber peeled a little, scrape it off, cut into a knife, take it and put it in the basin.

  2. Put the appropriate amount of salt on the cucumber and marinate it. At this time, peel off the garlic cloves. Take a knife and take a little squat.

  3. The parsley is cut into sections, the cucumber is almost salted, and the cucumber is filtered to remove the garlic. Add the sesame oil, add vinegar, add the old god, add the sugar, and add a little bit of soy sauce.

  4. Coriander, mix well, shake the basin, basically, add sesame and mix well.


1. When the cucumber is peeled, use scraping and go to the thorn. . Don't go all the green skin, look good with skin 2, first pickle cucumber, effluent, remove, this step of salt more put a little bit, so do not put salt when mixing

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