Recipe: Taji Wing

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji Wing


Taji pot is the welfare of the cooking women. It is more labor-saving and healthier than the ordinary cooking method. This pot Taji has a combination of meat and vegetables, which is very popular...



  1. After cleaning the chicken wings, put two knives on the back, add the marinade powder, and mix in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours;

  2. The potatoes are peeled and cut into strips; the onions are cut into strips; the green garlic is cut into small pieces for use; take a small bowl and mix the Korean hot sauce, soy sauce, oligosaccharides and 1 scoop of clear water into a sauce;

  3. Put 1 scoop of cooking oil in the Taji pot and spread it evenly. Spread the onion first, then spread the potato strips. Place the chicken wings on the top layer, topped the sauce, and cover the lid.

  4. Put the gas ignition on the Taji pot, heat it to the inside of the pot, turn the fire into a double-ring fire, continue to heat for 20 minutes; open the lid and sprinkle it into the garlic, cover it for another 5 minutes.


Chicken wings I marinated with a very beautiful Orleans compound seasoning; vegetable seasonings are mainly Korean style spicy sauce, can also add 2 tablespoons of Sprite to thin, the taste is slightly spicy...

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