Recipe: Taji pot steamed seafood / river fresh

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji pot steamed seafood / river fresh


Taji pot is very fast and convenient. It is equivalent to a micro-pressure cooker. The most important thing is that it is “invincible to the freshness of food”. The freshness of the chives above the river shrimp is a reflection of the recipe. This is the way after steaming. The steamed onion for about ten minutes is still the same as the green and fresh Taji pot that has just been put into the same place: set the dishes, open the fire, turn off the fire, and put on the table. Don't stir it evenly! The selection guide for the Taji pot is at the end of the recipe, because maybe someone is going to buy a Taji pot with a passive mother, then I have a responsibility to help you grow a correct grass. I don't want to sell Taji pots, and I don't promote a certain brand. Everyone can choose four pots according to the characteristics of the mother.



  1. Set the ingredients: Add about 3 ml of salad oil to the Taji pot, take a piece of the next vegetable, and spread the oil on the bottom of the pot. First set the cabbage or other vegetables at the bottom, then put the tofu, then put the mushrooms on the tofu, add seafood or river fresh on the top, add a small amount of cooking wine according to the amount of seafood / river, add ginger and chives, it is recommended to have less personal taste. Add some red pepper to the end, a little spicy and delicious.

  2. Wipe the outside of the Taji pot and put it on the stove. Start with a small fire for a minute, then heat it with medium heat and simmer in the fire! Otherwise the bottom is easy to paste. After the water is opened, the water in the lid of the lid will make a small noise. If the lid is not opened, the stove will be heated for 5 minutes and then turned off. After another 3 minutes, you can open the lid and directly put the bottom of the pot on the table. (You may need to add a table mat.) If the fish and shrimp are large, increase the time appropriately. Seafood and river fresh, especially shrimp, if fresh, you don't need to marinate in advance! You can add soy sauce or not at the table before you go to the table. Worried that the taste is not salty, eat it with ingredients.

  3. The dip liquid and the auxiliary materials are separately placed in the seasoning bowl and served on the table. Pay attention to the sodium content of the soy sauce used, taste salty and taste good. Otherwise it is too salty! For example, June fresh soy sauce is a savory dish. It is very suitable for cooking. It is called 'soy sauce'. It is called 'raw soy'.


Taji pot purchase attention 1, the texture must be ceramic. 2. The bottom of the pot and the lid should be the same color. 3. The inside and outside of the pot should be the same color. 4. After the lid is covered, shake the lid and there is no sound. It is not that the ceramics cannot meet the requirement of “breathable and impervious”. Do not believe that “material upgrading, using better alternative materials”. It’s not the same color because the process is not enough to be realized. (Moving mother this pot is dark purple, the light seems to have some parts deeper, but I carefully watched it, the color is the same inside and outside.) The lid swayed with sound because the fit was not good, there was a gap, not a pot and a lid. It is a random pairing of mass production. Think about it, (not a foreign beauty, just a specific comparison): Mercedes-Benz Smart and a domestic car - a good example shows that "the same basic look" can not be equal to "the performance is basically the same." .

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