Recipe: Taji pot secret sauce, fried lamb scorpion

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji pot secret sauce, fried lamb scorpion



  1. The sheep scorpion has been soaked in cold water several times a night to remove the blood of the mutton, about 4-6 times.

  2. The cold water pot of the sheep's scorpion is boiled to remove the floating foam, and the cooking wine and ginger pieces can be placed. The sheep's scorpion after the water is rinsed with running water.

  3. The electric pressure cooker is poured into the lamb scorpion, and the heated water is basically submerged in the sheep scorpion. Put cinnamon on some white pepper and cumin powder in the water, and cook in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes.

  4. After the pressure cooker is vented, pour the hazelnuts and soup into the Taji pot. Heat over medium heat to boiling

  5. After boiling, season the sauce and rock sugar and add the garlic cloves. Try to taste the taste, add some cumin powder to increase the flavor of the lamb.

  6. If you like to eat a side dish, you can put a white radish and cut the hob with the soup.

  7. Taji pot is simmered in medium and small heat for 20 minutes, and then stirred for 10 minutes.

  8. After 20 minutes, the scorpion is colored and the radish is softened, then transferred to the medium fire to collect the juice. After leaving a little sauce in the pot, the pot can be cooked.


1. The sheep's scorpion is rinsed repeatedly in advance to remove the astringency; 2. When the mutton is stewed, put in the cumin and white pepper; 3. The electric pressure cooker + the taji pot can effectively shorten the cooking time, and the smashing out The meat is crispy and not very delicious! 4. It is better to have a few hot peppers on a spicy friend.

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