Recipe: Taji pot, saint cheese

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji pot, saint cheese



  1. Small tomatoes to wash the pedestal

  2. Parsley cut into pieces

  3. Put the small tomatoes in a silicone taji pot, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add the cheese, sprinkle with the parsley, cover and heat in a microwave for 6 minutes.


The nutritional value of the virgin fruit  Cherry tomatoes, also known as grape tomatoes, small tomatoes, sacred fruit, pearl tomatoes, are also known as "small golden fruit" and "love fruit" in foreign countries. It is both a vegetable and a fruit. It is not only bright and beautiful, but also tastes palatable and nutritious. In addition to all the nutrients of tomato, its vitamin content is higher than that of ordinary tomato. One of the “Four Fruits” listed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization as a priority. The sacred fruit is a tropical crop with a diameter of about 1 to 3 cm. It is bright red and clear, sweet and sweet, has no core, good taste and high nutritional value.  Cherry tomatoes contain special substances such as glutathione and lycopene. It can promote the growth and development of the human body, especially to promote the growth and development of children, increase the body's resistance, and delay the aging of people. In addition, lycopene protects the body from carcinogenic toxins in cigarettes and car exhaust, and enhances the body's sun protection. For anti-cancer, anti-cancer, especially prostate cancer, can be effective treatment and prevention. The content of vitamin PP in cherry tomatoes is the first in fruits and vegetables. It protects the skin, maintains the normal secretion of gastric juice, promotes the production of red blood cells, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on liver diseases.  Therefore, not only children can eat, can promote growth and development, increase resistance, adults eat very good for the body, and I use this silicone kitchen to buy the kitchen tower, this is not only simple, but also Environmentally friendly and healthy, and made delicious, friends can also try to do it at home.(^o^)/~

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