Recipe: Taji pot plate iron plate Japanese tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji pot plate iron plate Japanese tofu


I always thought that the restaurant's iron plate Japanese tofu was delicious, and then I saw the Taji pot at home. . . Then the dish was born. . .



  1. Evenly coated with a layer of oil on the bottom of the Taji pot

  2. After the Japanese tofu has been cut off, it is cut into a cylindrical shape by extrusion and cut into a section, and evenly placed at the bottom of the Taji pot.

  3. Put the Taji pot on the fire and heat it.

  4. After the fried tofu on the bottom of the Japanese tofu, change to a small fire, add fresh shell and chopped porcini, cover the lid and continue to heat for about three minutes.

  5. After three minutes, the lid is opened, and the savory water distilled from fresh shell and boletus has been perfectly combined with Japanese tofu. At this time, pour the seasoning, pay attention not to add too much, then sprinkle with red pepper.

  6. Cover the lid and steam for a minute and then uncover it again. Change the fire to the soup. After the soup is thick, turn off the heat.


If you want to eat both sides are crisp, you can turn the Japanese tofu in the 4th step and continue to fry and then change to a small fire.

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